SafBon Successfully Launched A 20,000 t/d Coking Wastewater Treatment Project

May. 14th, 2018

On April 1, 2018, the 2nd-phase project of Yuncheng second sewage treatment plant of SafBon located in the coking Industrial Park of Yuncheng was successfully launched. This project is the coking waste water of the industrial park, which is difficult to deal with and requires high technology. It is a long-standing problem in the local area. After treatment, the effluent should meet the national discharge standard. Yuncheng county is located in the southwestern part of Shandong province. Zhuzhaoxin river which runs through the eastern part of the county and is an important part of the trunk canal of the eastern route of the South to North Water Transfer Project.

Therefore, ensuring the water quality of the water system has always been the top priority for the local government and environmental protection departments. The two phase of the Yuncheng second sewage treatment plant is located in the Yuncheng coking Industrial Park. And this coking Industrial park is located just right in the Zhu- Zhao New River Basin, and the drainage of the park directly into the Zhu- Zhao New River. In order to ensure the water quality of the Shandong section of the main canal in the south to the north project, the Heze municipal government promulgated the most stringent industrial wastewater discharge standards in the history of March 2018, requiring the concentration of COD less than 30mg/l, the concentration of total phosphorus less than 0.3mg/l and ammonia nitrogen less than 2mg/l. This brought unprecedented pressure to the Yuncheng county government and environmental protection departments, and also raised more stringent target requirements for the two phase expansion project.


Coking wastewater is one of the most difficult types of industrial wastewater, with complex components and a wide variety of components, not only the high concentration of CODcr and NH3-N, but also a large number of phenolic compounds and polycyclic aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds and aliphatic compounds containing nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur, with many toxic components and high chromaticity, brings great difficulties to biodegradation and the cost of processing is high. At the same time, under the current environmental protection situation, the coking enterprises are built with advanced oxidation pretreatment system in the internal waste water, and the pre treated wastewater is reconcentrated to the industrial sewage plant of the park, which makes the coking wastewater more difficult to break down the chain degradation. Therefore, how to deal with the "two coking wastewater" to achieve qualified discharge has always been one of the most difficult subjects in the domestic and foreign water treatment industry.

Facing the difficulty “secondary coking wastewater” problem, SafBon performed full evaluation of the characteristics of local coking wastewater pollution and conducted on-site pilot tests and scientific experiments. The technical solutions issued by SafBon based on the above materials received the approval from the government finally.

At present, the second phase expansion project of Yucheng Second Sewage Treatment Plant is under construction. It is expected that the commissioning phase will start at the end of December. The completion of this project is believed to completely solve the problem of coking wastewater treatment in the park, producing obvious economic benefits in the local area, also playing a positive role in water quality protection of the South-Water-to-North Project.

SafBon Monitoring Cloud Data Center

May. 9th, 2018

With the continuous development of the company and the continuous increase of global operating plants and production workshops, in order to solve the problem of the incompatibility between the headquarters and the operator's data, effectively improve the company's operation and management level, and reduce operating costs, SafBon has established a monitoring cloud data center at the headquarters. This cloud data center was fully put into use recently. It uses various new technologies such as cloud transmission, internet of things, big data and VPN networks.


SafBon monitoring cloud center is an intelligent remote monitoring center formed by the Internet and a new generation of information technology and industry system, which is the industry in the development of intelligent integrated information monitoring center and an important part of water intelligence water system of SafBon. The cloud center is based on the network interconnection between equipment, instrument, control system, information system, products and people. Through comprehensive depth perception, real-time transmission of industrial data exchange, quick computing and advanced modeling analysis, realize with operational factory and production workshop of intelligent control, optimizing the operation and the mode of production organization change.


The cloud center has the functions of geographic information display, video monitoring, system operation monitoring, operation and maintenance analysis, data analysis, inventory management, energy management and equipment warning. The geographic location information of the operating plant and production workshop is shown on the map. Live video monitoring module will show the world production workshop (such as the US SWT production workshop, the French KWI production workshop, the Nantong ItN membrane factory in Jiangsu, etc.), operating plant (Katmandu sewage treatment plant, Cangzhou desalination plant, Yuncheng Tianyuan sewage treatment plant, etc.)and the site of the project under construction monitoring screen which makes the company management personnel may at any time to see the factory operation and under construction projects by collecting the data of HD camera.


The system operation monitoring module shows the system operation parameters of each operation factory and the production workshop in real time, the operation state of each equipment and the fault alarm information through the remote acquisition of PLC system data. When the system or equipment failure, the cloud center can deliver the fault information to the corresponding management and operational personnel in real time through WeChat, APP, cloud center, text messaging and so on to enable the fault to be handled in time and have the advantages of timely detection and quick treatment.


The data analysis and energy management module shows the key operation parameters and energy consumption of the same type operating plant in the form of charts. Through the vertical and horizontal comparison of operating parameters and energy consumption, it provides accurate data for management personnel and professional technical personnel to make technical improvement and optimize adjustment decision analysis.


SafBon Monitoring Cloud Center establishes digital management ledgers for on-site equipment, automatically tracks equipment operation and maintenance status, efficiently analyzes and analyzes data, automatically tracks operation and maintenance, automatically issues job reminders, automatically generates job records, and supervises on-site personnel's regular maintenance; In the case of equipment failure, large data analysis is used to find out the cause and solution of the equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency of fault solving and improves the security and reliability of system operation.


SafBon monitoring cloud center as part of the barn water wisdom water system has strong applicability and wide generality, strong expansibility, convenient maintenance, strong real-time performance, data security, etc. The cloud center can transmit the data of the company's operation factory and production workshop to the headquarters of the company in real time which Makes the company management personnel can through the Internet or cell phone anytime and anywhere the client real-time view the operating plant, production workshop production status and running status of equipment, through the analysis of operational data and comprehensive contrast, managers make decisions analysis provides guarantee for the company, improve the enterprise management level, and reduce the operating cost.

Itn Membrane Contract Successfully Signed with China Coal Group for MBR Project

May 7th, 2018

Recently, SafBon has signed with China Coal Group Ordos Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. to apply German ItN nano coating ceramic flat membrane to its coal-to-methanol chemical wastewater treatment project, with the capacity of 9000m3/d, after multi-disciplinary approach made by technical experts of China Coal Group. It is expected that the installation, commissioning and steady operation of the MBR project will be completed by the end of this year.

ItN ceramic ultrafiltration(UF) membrane has the advantages of high flux, excellent anti-fouling, low energy consumption, long lifetime, small footprint, automatic system control, easy installation and operation, which makes it particularly suitable for the treatment of industrial waste water such as coal chemical wastewater. 


This is the expansion and optimization design project of China Coal Eenergy, which requires that the existing water treatment facilities do not increase land occupation, while the water treatment capacity and effluent quality requirement of the second phase of 1 million tons of methanol project are doubled. Since the first contact in the end of last year, China Coal Eenergy has been attracted by ItN Ceramic UF Membrane’s unique advantages, such as high throughput, high water quality, long service life of up to 25 years, and in-situ chemical cleaning (no lifting required). After four months of technical exchange and expert demonstration process, SafBon and China Coal Energy have reached an agreement and it is expected that the installation, commissioning and stable operation phases of MBR membrane units will be completed before the end of this year.


Coal chemical wastewater is one of industrial refractory wastewaters. It has characteristics such as complex types of pollution, high concentration, hard biodegradability, and large fluctuations in raw water quality. Membrane treatment processes cannot normally run smoothly without proper system design and membrane product selection. The expanded biochemical unit adopts its patented EBA combination process. The MBR unit adopts German ItN nano-plate ceramic membrane. The process can be described as a combination of advanced technologies, and it provides stable and low-cost operation for China Coal Energy.


The implementation of this project will fully demonstrate the application advantages of ItN ceramic membrane and create a new era of ceramic MBR membrane in the coal chemical wastewater and similar refractory industrial wastewater treatment fields, providing new impetus for China's environmental improvement. 

The 50,000t/d Desalination Project Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony was Held in Kazakh

May 2rd, 2018


On May 1st 2018, the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the 50,000t/d sea water desalination project which contracted to Safbon was successfully held in Aktau, the famous oil city of Kazakhstan. Experts of technology, construction and operation management of Safbon leading by the president Mr. Zhang Chunlin attended the event were warmly welcomed by the state governor Mr. Tugzhanov, the Mayor of Kuryk town Mr. Bekov, also the residents and the medias of Mangistauskaya Oblast. 


Governor Tugzhanov expressed his vision in his speech: It is his dream to use clean water for the locals, which is also a urgent realistic issue that is eager to be solved. This plays an important role in promoting local economic development. This desalination project of SafBon will alleviate the serious water problem in the Aktau region and also bring a gospel to the local community.


Chairman Hilling Zhang believes that the governor and his people’s choice of Safbon as a collaborator of this great seawater desalination project is an extremely correct decision. Although Safbon is headquartered in Shanghai, he has 25% of employees working in Europe and the United States. He has a global team of experts who can provide “green seawater desalination technology”, making the project an environmentally friendly project, ensuring that no pollutants are emitted to the Caspian Sea, and building the project into a model of low-carbon seawater desalination projects.


After the completion of this project, it is believed that the serious drinking water problem in Aktau would be effectively alleviated, the living quality of Aktau residents would be greatly improved, the development of local economy would be promoted.



After the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, the governor and the local squire warmly welcomed Chairman Zhang Chunlin and his entourage in the beautiful Mongolian yurts. He expressed his blessings on the National Day of Unity in Kazakhstan and congratulated on the prosperity of the Manggis State of more than 100 ethnic groups. Peace, people's health and longevity.


The local television station asked in the interview why Safbon chose Aktau? Zhang Chunlin, chairman of the company, answered in a straightforward manner that Aktau is equivalent to Dongying in Kazakhstan (where Shengli Oil Field is located). Both cities are oil cities. They all built cities in the 1950s because of oil. Safbon provided Dongying City with a drinking water project that met the European standards six or seven years ago. Local residents can open the tap and safely drink safe water.


The settlement of this world-class advanced desalination project in Kuryk Town will continuously deliver healthy and qualified purified water to local residents and industrial users, which will greatly alleviate the water shortage problem. Safbon is making its own contribution abroad with advanced Chinese technology under the guidance of The Belt and Road policy 

Austrian KWI Air Flotation Technology Will Make A Break on IEexp in Shanghai

Safbon has been invited to the 19th IEexp, the biggest environmental protection exhibition in Asia (May 3~5, 2018). Safbon will unveiling the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) equipment which was developed by SafBon subsidiary KWI, Austria, who is founded more than 60 years ago, and is the global leader in designing and delivering DAF systems for water and wastewater treatments systems for industrial and municipal applications. All the customers are warmly welcome. 

Our stand: Hall E1, Booth 1040


KWI is an overseas subsidiary of SafBon, formerly known as KROFTA, inventor of the theory of air floation (KROFTA was renamed KWI in 2000). And the world’s first shallow air floatation equipment, which is based on “zero speed theory”, is manufactured by KWI. The ADR (Air Dissolving Reactor) independently developed by KWI is another innovation of air floatation technology. The air floatation system equipped with this technology can complete the dissolved air reaction within 20 seconds, and the dissolved gas efficiency reaches over 90%. The resulting bubble size distribution is between 20-40 microns. The company has nearly 70 years of engineering experience. To date today, it has developed a total of 11 types of air flotation equipment with independent intellectual property rights. These products can be used for auxiliary phosphorus removal in municipal sewage plants, biochemical sludge concentration in municipal sewage plants, algae removal in tap water and seawater desalination, white water clarification and black water pretreatment in papermaking industry, and oily wastewater treatment and sludge concentration in petrochemical industry. We are constantly committed to the research and development of new products and new processes. We are willing to make contributions to China's environmental protection industry together with you.


ItN CFM Will Make A Break on the19th IEexp in Shanghai

Safbon has been invited to the 19th IEexp, the biggest environmental protection exhibition in Asia (May 3~5, 2018). Safbon will unveiling the latest and most advanced technology of MBR membrane bioreactor and Ceramic Flat Ultrafiltration Membrane (CFM) which was developed by SafBon subsidiary ItN Nanovation, stood the test of time for 18 years. All the customers are warmly welcome. 

Our stand: Hall E1, Booth 1040.

ItN Nanovation AG based in Saarbruecken, Germany, is one of the leading nanotechnology companies in the world who has developed an extremely effective Ceramic Flat Ultrafiltration Membrane (CFM) for water filtration. ItN has 18 invention patents and 69 utility model patents. The CFM has special advantages, such as high flux, low energy consumption, resistance to extreme conditions (e.g. strong acidity, strong alkalinity, strong oxidizing, high temperature, etc.). Because of this, CFM has long service life, low operating costs, and easy maintenance. So, it has unique application in the fields of groundwater radioactive elements, removal of heavy metal elements, municipal water ultrafiltration, municipal sewage MBR, seawater desalination, high temperature refractory wastewater treatment, mineral wastewater, oil field wastewater, refinery wastewater, steel mill wastewater, papermaking wastewater and other fields.


Compared with polymer membranes, ItN ceramic flat membranes have 3-5 times longer service life, 3-10 times higher membrane flux, 50% less chemical consumption, and 50% reduction in operation and maintenance costs and energy consumption. The ceramic membrane can adapt to a wide range of temperatures, the minimum temperature is below 5°C, and the maximum temperature can reach 90°C. Compared with polymer ultrafiltration membranes that break easily under low temperature and high temperature, it has considerable advantages. Membrane fouling is an unavoidable problem, and ceramic membranes have better resistance to contamination.


Just one year after the promotion in China, German ItN ceramic membrane has been widely recognized and established in the coal chemical industry, mine water, steel, municipal, desalination, petrochemical oilfields and other industries. As the future technology leading the development of ultrafiltration, Germany's ItN will continue to advance, and will introduce other membrane separation and advanced technologies including tubular ceramic membranes, which will contribute to the progress of environmental protection in China.



         —— the smooth convocation of the management meeting of the vice presidents of SafBon Water Service

Before you become a leader, the whole of success is self-growth. When you become a leader, success becomes a help for others to grow.                                                              

                                                                                                  -- Jack Welch

Spring is approaching. SafBon Water Service held the management meeting of the vice presidents of the group from 27th to 28th in Mar. Unified leadership has always been this enterprise’s management philosophy, and the whole company has the same voice-- ONE VOICE ONE LANGUAGE. Each VP works tightly around the president of Zhang Chunlin. Nowadays, a total of 12 VPs, 1 CEO, and 5 overseas CEOs managing 5 major business sectors of SafBon Water Service plus operation and supply chain and the departments of finance, investment and market make up a large organization. Under the organizational structure of SafBon, we require every senior executive to take charge, aware of the fact that everybody has the duty of transmitting and carrying out the meaning of the company’s decisions and strategies, and nobody shall stand by. Meanwhile, it is demanded that with the strategy of the group company all take actions quickly, accomplish quickly, coordinate inside the organization quickly, communicate with each other quickly, and take active part in your own work and thinking, thus take good control of the work in your charge!

At the meeting the chairman made a speech with the theme of We SafBon, whose summary is shown below:

The culture of SafBon Water Service: transparency, share and data driven. It is required all the staff sign a pledge solemnly. Whoever violates this principle will be demanded to depart firmly! A CEO should be the one who has foresight, vision and global insight and the one who is broad-minded and grafts Chinese power with global resources. Every senior executive needs to have a positive attitude, get out of comfortable zone and face challenges actively! Senior executives are supposed to have sight of the big picture, have a clear judgment on the uncertainty of the future and be prepared to deal with changes at any time.

Our corporation must use one language and a consistent style of writing and expression should be used in all the parts from project negotiation, marketing activity, technical exchange, delivery process, bank credit to websites of the company and propaganda on LinkedIn, etc.

The management and efficiency of all sub-companies need to be improved, just like what the West Point CATCH 22 "22 rules" said: each CEO of sub-companies should unconditionally obey the command of headquarters, which is a basic discipline. We need to reduce ineffective communication. Each CEO of subsidiary’s work report template needs to be detailed, and each contract should be reported individually and separately, adhere to the principle: any action delay means loss, efficiency means money. We have to establish a mechanism for mutual learning and communication. The cross meeting between the headquarters and the subsidiaries and among the subsidiaries will become normal in the future. All subsidiaries need to adjust their talent structure. People who have engineering education background are what we expect. In order to highlight the characteristics of a water treatment company, it is reasonable that the ratio of process engineers reaches 50%.

At the meeting the 12 vice presidents shared what they have learned from work and their respective management philosophy, and all agreed each vice president and CEO is result oriented, and pursues results with a strong executive power, with the financial index as a guide, stable talent structure as the concept of development, long-term and sustainable planning of the organization as the basic requirements. In the future, we will establish three centers in Shanghai headquarter: a design center, a procurement center and an accounting center, while overseas subsidiaries' work content is to gain market orders and carry them out, so as to generate higher profits for headquarters. The product manual of the flat ceramic ultrafiltration membrane and air floatation equipment will be published in the second half of the year gradually to ensure that customers can calculate and choose the equipment on their own. In order to prevent problems in the installation and commissioning stage, the company's operation department should be involved in the preliminary design and audit process of construction drawings in advance. Designers should listen to the opinions of the operation units and modify the design plan. At the same time, the group will choose a plant as a training base for SafBon Water Service, and prepare training materials and teams with SafBon features, which will become the "Communist Party of SafBon". As for the building site, architectural appearance of operating water plant, clothing, logo and so on, we will have the visualization system reform, highlighting the characteristics of SafBon.

We are expecting SafBon Water Service to grow sturdily and become the best among China's environmental water enterprises and further promote the innovation and development of the industry!

A New Footprint in Seawater Desalination Area

Last year, SafBon Water participated in the bidding for a 50,000m3/day seawater desalination project in Kuryk village, Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan.


On March 13th, Alex Wang, CEO of SafBon Water, along with a technical team of process, electrical and civil engineering from SafBon, visited Aktau City, Kazakhstan, investigated the site of the project and carried out meetings with the local government and consulting company with consensus reached.


As the only company which passed the rigorous review of prequalification, SafBon was formally announced as the successful bidder for the project by the Mangistau Region Government on March 15th 2018. The main process is Dissolved Air Floatation + Nano-ceramic Flat Ultrafiltration Membrane + Two-stage Reverse Osmosis. The project will apply DAF from KWI Austria and CFM from ItN.

With the completion of this project, the current state of limited water supply will be greatly eased, and the economic development of the area and the surrounding towns and cities will be promoted.


On March 1st, the SafBon Chairman, Hilling Chang, visited Peru's capital city Lima for a four-days’ business trip with Alexander who is the international market manager of the SafBon. Two business visits have been made for Ministry Of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, and discussed water conservation planning and cooperation between the two countries over the next 3-5 year. At the same time, the group Chairman has close contacts with the leaders of the large state-owned Chinese state-owned enterprises and partners to develop new projects, such as water supply plants, desalination plants and sewage treatment plants and so on. In the initial stage of the project, technical and technical solutions are provided through technical exchanges and technical solutions, and the technical and technological routes of our group are implanted into these projects to allow the owners to accept us and make us in the predominance of future tenders.


The third stop for Mr. Hilling is Chile's capital Santiago, which is arranged by SWT CEO Chris C. We have carried out extensive contact with the chairman and CEO and others of the board of directors of a local professional water treatment company, and exchanges on projects to be invested by Chile in the next 3-5 years, such as seawater desalination, sewage treatment plants and mineral wastewater treatment plants. Since the company has offices in Chile, Peru and Columbia, a mature network system has been established in market development. How does the SafBon group develop the market and develop together with such partners? This is a challenging topic for management. We need everyone's advice to make our market solid.


A month ago, two water engineering experts from the AYA company of Costa Rico spent a week in SafBon, Shanghai, inspected its sewage treatment plants, sludge drying treatment plants, water plants and other projects. They spoke highly of SafBon’s construction ability, capability and management ability in the large engineering construction project.

How much knowledge you have about South America? Chile is about 4500 kilometers from north to south, and is close to the Pacific Ocean. The distance between the north and the south of Peru is 3254 kilometers, which is also close to the Pacific Ocean. The two countries add up to a magnificent coastline, plus Costa Rica, and hold a panoramic view of a long coastline in South America.

A Visit of Chinese Paper Industry Experts to KWI, Europe

Jan. 2018, SafBon invited several experts of China's papermaking industry to visit its European subsidiaries, including KWI France and KWI Austrian factories. During this visit, they were arranged to visit the paper mill of Kimberly Clark Corporation in NANCY. An MCH 80 type high efficiency air flotation equipment was installed in this factory in 2008. It was developed independently by KWI. As an equipment, which integrating advanced air flotation technologies, has a removal rate of 20-25% higher than that of KWI's competitors and covers only 1/5 of the traditional air floatation devices . This equipment has a processing capacity of 1000m3/h and its SS in effluent is less than 10mg/L. It is mainly used to treat the wastewater, which is called white water, in papermaking process.


The air flotation device has been used in Kimberly Clark, Nancy, France for over 20 years

The owner introduced that the equipment had been running stably with no spare parts damaged or replaced for over 20 years since it was put into operation. The SS in the treated white water can always meet the requirements of the ultra-clear white water standard. And it can be used as spray water in the papermaking process. With this recycle water, it is estimated that 3 to 3.5 tons of clean water will be saved per ton of paper. The air flotation surface sludge layer has a uniform thickness and the sludge concentration reaches 5%.

Kimberly Clark Corporation is a global leader in health care field. It has established plants in 35 countries around the world with an annual production value of US$18 billion. KWI mainly provides air floatation technology for such high-end customers in the paper industry to solve the problems of fiber recycling and wastewater treatment.


Figure 2 KWI core technology of ADR high-efficiency dissolved gas generator

As the inventor of air flotation theory, KWI currently has 12 types of air floatation equipment covering all areas of industrial water treatment. It has more than 70 years of engineering experience in the field of papermaking water treatment, and currently has more than 7,000 engineering cases in the world. The U-type sloping plate air flotation equipment is specifically developed for the paper industry. It is equipped with the latest generation of ADR dissolved gas generators to enable the quality of effluent water to reach the water reuse standard. KWI has established a strategic partnership with Kimberly Clark as a supplier of innovative technologies. Since 1989, the cooperation between the two sides has reached 31 projects.

Through this visiting, everyone has a new understanding of KWI, the air flotation originator. This experience may make the experts recognize what can be called excellent air flotation technology when the air floatation market is mixed and increase their confidence when choosing KWI products in technical design.  


Fig. 3 Schematic Diagram of KWI Megacell H High-Efficiency Flotation Equipment

The Successful Start-Up of Penglai Hazardous Waste Incineration Treatment Project

Penglai Hairun Chemical Solid Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. hazardous waste disposal center project, jointly funded by Safbon and Penglai Jiaxin Company with 60% shares held by Safbon.


The project is located in Beigou Town Industrial Park, Penglai. The construction include hazardous waste warehouses, refuse pits and feed systems, rotary kilns and secondary combustion chambers, waste heat boilers, flue gas treatment, sewage treatment and ancillary facilities. Incineration treatment of 9,900 tons/year of hazardous waste, transporting other types of hazardous waste 3,819 tons/year.

At the end of 2017, it received the Reply of Yantai Environmental Protection Bureau on Consenting Penglai Hairun Chemical Solid Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. to carry out the business activities and started the waste collection and transportation. At the end of Dec 2017, finished the preparation work before officially operation; Jan 18, 2018, the burning started. 


The successful start-up of this project marks the first performance of Safbon harvested for the first time in the hazardous area after years of hard work. It has gradually established a team that manages all aspects of investment, design, construction and operation, the business has also formed a new profit growth point of Safbon.

KWI Only Focused on One Single Research for 70 Years

Senior executives of the Safbon water service continued their third stop on the New Year's survey, looking at the KWI factory in Klagenfurt, Austria. This is a distinctive subsidiary of the Safbon water service, which mainly produces twelve different types of air floatation device. Founded in 1949, the company has been working on the development and innovation of air floatation technology for nearly 70 years, and has been leading the development of the world air floatation technology. As the inventor and originator of the gas flotation technology, KWI has been able to achieve the ultimate in the traditional air flotation technology in the past 70 years, and can distribute the bubbles of 1 micron evenly in the water, which can serve as the purpose of solid-liquid separation. For example, the current domestic popular shallow air flotation, slanted board air flotation and deep air flotation are the first of KWI. The company is known as the Rolls-Royce in the air flotation device.


ADR Dissolved Air Reactor, The Third Generation of Dissolved Gas Technology

(Which Can Reach 100% Gas Dissolved Saturation in A Very Short Time)

Located in southern Austria, Klagenfurt is a typical border city about 60 kilometers from Italy and 30 kilometers from Slovenia. As Klagenford takes control of several important passes in the Alps, history was filled with soldiers, such as Napoleon's French army. Klagenford is a city surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the famous Worthersee lake has added inspiration to the ancient city. The Baroque and Renaissance architecture allowed Klagenford to continue to attract visitors from all over the world.


The picture shows the KWI Austrian factory.

The KWI factory was built along the river. A group of technical experts in the innovation and development of air floatation technology are gathered here. They only do one thing in their life, and they have achieved the status and height that no one can surpass in the technical field.


The KWI Technical Experts

Another feature of the KWI factory is the generation of factory workers. They handed the craft down from generation to generation. Such handicraft, craftsmanship cannot be duplicated. Under the guidance of such enterprise spirit, the spirit of craftsman needs to be studied and analyzed deeply.


The Chairman of Safbon with The KWI Staff

The survey was the first in-depth investigation since KWI was acquired by Safbon water service. Our team building, brand positioning, marketing strategy, business model and new product development and innovation technology have been discussed and deployed. Such communication and exchanges will bring new impetus and opportunities to the enterprise development in the future, at the same time, it pointed out the direction. We are delighted to see a new generation KWI management is ripe, and full of vitality and creativity.


KWI New Generation Managers are Developing the Corporate Strategies.

The 19th congress of the communist party of CPC was held successfully, indicating that the strategic policy is to adjust the rapid development of the economy to high quality development. We have introduced the high-end brand of KWI to the Chinese market, which is undoubtedly a demonstration of the new era features, which will effectively promote the benign development of our environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. Environmental protection equipment manufacturing is the root of our environmental protection and is the cornerstone of China's environmental protection industry. Under the conditions of increasing environmental protection, the virtuous cycle of environmental protection has begun.The company has already started to ask the high quality and high technology content of environmental protection products in the aspect of environmental protection. We believe that this is an opportunity and a challenge for Safbon water service.


One of The Flotation Quality Indicators is Whether the Surface of The Air Floatation is Smooth.

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