Successful Learning-Exchange Meeting about Construction and Installation

In order to strengthen the company's management of project construction and installation, a learning-exchange meeting was held in Tai’an on December 26, 2017. Wang Xian, the general manager of SafBon attended the meeting with the relevant leaders and project managers.


It is known that the current macroeconomic has entered a new normal and the contradiction between revenue and expenditure has become obvious. Also, the social capital is difficult to enter the public domain. In order to against this background, the PPP project of ecological protection and comprehensive utilization of Tai’an Wen River Wetland is a win-win model of cooperation between government and social capital, jointly explored by Tai'an Cu Lai Mountain Wen River Scenic Area Management Committee and SafBon. The total investment by SafBon for this project is 1.28 billion. The main construction projects include river dredging, riverbank berm, ecological restoration, wetland park attractions and auxiliary facilities in the park. Giving this project to SafBon shows the trust and support from Tai’an city government! At the foot of the towering Mount Tai and next to the hometown of Confucius, building such a project that will benefit the people and the natural environment will have immeasurable value in upgrading the technical and management level of SafBon.


The meeting required the construction and installation project meetings to be institutionalized and standardized, and urged the project manager to come up with self-criticism, self-expression, self-innovation and self-improvement work style. The meeting also urged the project manager to learn advanced experience in order to make up for their shortcomings in work.

The general manager emphasized that each project should grasp eight aspects: the construction progress, the construction quality, the civilized construction measures, the construction safety, the construction data, the construction unit management, the receivables and the communication with the company. We should continuously improve our management level, show the company's ability and improve the company's reputation, credibility and social influence through the achievements of construction and installation management. The success of this meeting indicates that there will be great progress in the management of construction and installation. The future of SafBon deserves our expectation.

The DAF Sludge Thickening Technology of KWI Appears in Dezhou Annual Meeting

On December 15, 2017, Mr. Hilling, the chairman of SafBon was invited to attend the 4th new sludge dewatering technology innovation seminar in Dezhou. During the meeting, he introduced the SafBon subsidiary KWI and its DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) products to the experts, and emphasized one of them was already put into pilot testing in a domestic project. In the pilot test, the device was proved has excellent performances in sludge thickening. This result successfully aroused the enthusiastic attention of the participants.


Hilling Chang,the Chairman of SafBon

The technology was applied before the dehydration process, thus the operating load of the dehydrator can be reduced. Currently, the common limitation in sludge thickening process are the time-consuming, the large agent consumption, the low sludge concentration, the large footprint and the poor efficiency. For these problems, SafBon provides a series of integrated solutions for various conditions. The KWI DAF has following advantages:

1.The total footprint is 90% smaller than the traditional thickener;

2.sludge concentration is increased to 5~6%;

3.The agent consumption is reduced by 30%~50% compared with the traditional processes (In some occasion, there is no agent dosing requirement);

4.The retention time: 10~20 minutes normally

5.Low investment, simple operation etc.


The conference delegates believes that SafBon will be recognized and rewarded by the market if SafBon could always put customer first, and adhered to the path of technology priority, sticking to R&D as well as the talent strategy in product development and technological innovation.


The Dezhou Annual Meeting Venue

The 2017 Operation Summary and Planning Conference was Successfully Held

On December 12, 2017, SafBon Water Service(Holding)Inc. held the operation summary and planning conference in Yuncheng, Shandong Province. Wang Xian, the CEO of SafBon, attended the conference, meeting the SafBon project managers from all over the country.


Yuncheng, Tianyuan sewage treatment plant is the first BOT (build-operate-transfer) project of our company, which is a breakthrough from 0 to 1. Thus, this conference was chosen to hold in Yuncheng, and encourages employees to achieve more impressive success.

Recently, SafBon accelerates the pace of mergers and acquisitions in the water sector, and gradually to scale, group development. With the attendant problems of production and operation management, the operation enterprises in various places can’t communicate effectively with the management of the enterprises in time. So how to standardize, normalize and elaborate the management of enterprises' production and operation, and how to reduce operation cost and increase economic benefits, which gradually become stumbling block of restricting the rapid development of the company, improving the competitive advantage and consolidating the status of industry. ‘Communication is productivity’. The leaders of the company take a long look at the importance of communication work, and emphasize the importance of effective communication methods to improve work efficiency and effectiveness.

In the future work, we really need to constantly master and apply effective communication methods, to create work motivation and stimulate potential for work, so that our operational strategic goals can be achieved at an early date.

The conference has combed the operation process and determined equipment maintenance system, also mentioned ‘four all’,‘all is assigned to the specially-assigned person, all have rules to follow, all is well documented, all is supervised’,into the archives management work.


The executive manager stressed that we should be law-abiding and safe. What we are doing is a great event of spring breeze. To govern pollution and protect the environment, we should actively participate with a strong sense of social responsibility.

A Successful Case of ItN CFM Application in Coal Mine Water Treatment Process

The unstable wastewater treatment processes and the consequent substandard effluent discharge are the long-term problems in coal mining industry. Since the stricter environmental policies are issued, the treated mine water is required to meet the requirement of Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB3838-2002).

SafBon has accumulated rich experiences in coal mine water treatment for many years. Now, SafBon introduces the world's advanced ItN nano-plate ceramic ultrafiltration membrane (CFM) technology into the existing mature pretreatment technologies, and applies them in the mine water treatment process upgrading and reconstruction projects. The CFM technology is mainly used for reducing COD, NH3-N and other heavy metal ions by removing the suspended solids (SS) and colloid in mine water. can be reduced. In results, the  effluent can stability meet the requirements of water quality Class III according to China’s Environmental quality standards for surface water.


The Integrated System of ItN CFM application in Mine Water Treatment

The excellent performances of ItN CFM in mine water treatment has attracted great attention from the experts of environmental protection bureau, design institute and university institute. The expert seminar of integrated equipment project for coal mine water treatment process renovations, which is  organized by the county environmental protection bureau of Shanxi, is held in August 11, 2017. In the seminar, dozens of environmental experts and leaders, who are from Shanxi provincial environmental protection department, Shanxi Luliang environmental protection department, Tongji University, Taiyuan municipal design institute, etc., agreed that the integrated CFM device had the various advantages, including high membrane flux, high effluent quality, high integration level, convenient operation, easy operation and maintenance, low costs and long service life. The experts also pointed out that the integrated CFM treatment device is a potential membrane treatment process and of great significance to improve the water quality of the treated coal mine water in the industry.


The Expert Seminar, Linxian, Shanxi Province(August 11th, 2017)

So far, the ItN CFM has been successfully applied in 8 mine water treatment projects, and the total treatment capability reaches 12000m3/d. The ItN CFM technology solves the long-term problems of mine water treatment in coal mining enterprises, and is widely praised in the industry!

ItN Nano Flat Sheet Ceramic Membrane - Star Products at Aquatech Water Exhibition

A holding subsidiary of SafBon - ItN Nanovation AG of Germany participated in the Aqatech water exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 31 to November 3, 2017. The Aquatech water exhibition, held in two years, is one of the three oldest water shows in Europe and has a significant influence in the field of water treatment industry and the global environmental protection.


The nano coated flat sheet ceramic ultrafiltration membrane, the German ItN Nanovation AG displayed, is the world's leading technology advantage. Mr. Christian Koch, CEO of the company, personally led a global marketing team. During the four days of the exhibition, ItN exhibition stand has always been a constant stream of visitors. The peers and experts showed great interest to the excellent properties and successful application of ItN nano flat sheet ceramic membrane, giving extremely high opinion, and it is believed that it has a pioneering application value and promotion significance for the membrane technology market of future water treatment. The GWI water intelligence agency ranks ItN as the world’s NO.1 ceramic ultrafiltration membrane.


The ItN flat ceramic membrane has the most advanced nano-coating technology with excellent hydrophilicity and anti-pollution in the world. Membrane flux, service life, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, running energy consumption, land area and civil investment have obvious advantages over polymer membrane. ItN ceramic membranes is suitable for the municipal tap water, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment and other fields, especially in the field of waste water treatment and reuse projects including complex pollutants, water quality fluctuation, high temperature and oily waste water.


Many visiting customers have been exposed to flat ceramic products for the first time, which is attracted by its excellent performance and 25 years of service life. When they see large drinking water in the Middle East (project size: 150000 tons/day) and maintenance costs free for seven years, as the RO pretreatment for 100000 tons/day desalination project in China and groundwater arsenic removal in Iran, mine water treatment in South Africa, the kingdom of groundwater containing radioactive material removal, they were deeply shocked again and hope to understand more application fields of ItN products. Other visitors are called for consultation to discuss the design conditions and application fields of ItN ceramic membrane in detail, hoping for further in-depth cooperation. Most impressively, one customer visited the ItN exhibition stand three times in four days to exchange and consult. He also recommended that his fellow friends come to discuss business, and highly appreciated ItN ceramic membrane products and application technologies.

ItN nano flat ceramic membranes in addition to superior performance, another refreshing features are beautiful and exquisite workmanship, fully demonstrated the quality of the made in Germany, to visit fellow communication experts called industrial art.


The membrane industry is becoming the dominant global water treatment market and has been used as a conventional technology in solving problems related to water resources, energy, environment and traditional industries. ItN nano flat ceramic ultrafiltration membrane depended on its high flux, long life, and the unique advantages of the stain resistance, as the appearance in the large global water exhibition and the enhancement of awareness, with the help of parent company SafBon strategic guidance and support, will become one of the most shining pearl in the future membrane technology market.

Notice About the Launch of the New Website

SafBon Water Service (Holding) Inc.,Shanghai has been established in 1995. Thank you for all your concerns and supports for the SafBon in the past 22 years.

With the rapid global development of the company, the SafBon’s website has also been updated in both Chinese and English versions. The new version of the website merges and improves partial content of the original website, at the same time, the main functional modulesand contents of the original website are replanning and laid out. There has been a great deal of innovation and improvement in terms of form, function and operation. The contents of website include six aspects: COMPANY PROFILE, NEWS,CAPABILITIES, SOLUTIONS AND PRODUCTS, CASE STUDY and CONTACT. It also shares the links of SafBon’s overseas subsidiaries such as ItN, SWT and KWI on the home page. At the same time, it also provides rich and practical navigation and entrance, so as to identify and locate the demand for the first time.

The official website has been officially launched on 28th September 2017. The website address is not changed:

SafBon shall strive to achieve excellence and remain pinnacle of the Water Treatment Industry. If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact us so that we can do better. Thank you.


Successful Meeting in Cairo

Following on from our first management meeting in Annecy in the early Summer, senior management from across the SafBon group met in Cairo from 25th-29th to discuss our strategy going forward and support a number of customer seminars attended by influential Egyptian government officials involved in major infrastructure projects. Over the course of the week SafBon and experts from SWT, ItN and KWI met with officials to present our capabilities and discuss future projects inmunicipal waste treatment, desalinate on and ‘Waste to Energy’. The outcome wasextremely positive with the identification of a number of key projects that we have been asked to develop further. We expect to build up our presence in Egyptover the near term to support this key market.


Through a combination of presentations and round table discussions, the management team discussed building on the success of the Annecy meeting with emphasison the following points:

  • Internal communication is much better and we want this to continue by encouraging more visits between overseas colleagues


  • There are great synergies within the Group and a plan is under way to develop the market for KWI in the USA and South America through SWT. This strategy will be supported by SafBon China, offering group wide support in procurement, fabrication design and accounting. A winning combination!!!


  • ItN will also work closely with SWT to build the US market. Thanks to the hard work of ItN and SafBon China, our factory in China has successfully produced its first run of Ceramic membranes.  This is a great milestone for us and shows what can be achieved by working together. ItN and KWI will be attending the major Aquatech Exhibition in the Netherlands atthe end of October to continue promoting our leading technologies.


  • The importance of staff training was not overlooked and a plan to introduce a formal training and mentoring regime for staff is underway.


The greater cooperation between the group companies will bring us more opportunities bring us closer together…. An exciting road ahead!


Attended the Third Technical Conference of the Oil-Gas Filed Surface Engineering

In September 20th and 21th, the third technical conference of the oil-gas filed surface engineering was successfully held in Chengdu. SafBon representatives gave a magnificent speech at the conference about the Application of ItN Ceramic Flat MembraneCFMand Dissolved Air FlotationDAFin the Water Treatment Process.


Figure 1. SafBon representatives gave a speech at the conference

Participants at the conference gave a high evaluation and appreciation to SafBon due to its introduction of international advanced technology and equipment and the independent research capability in the water treatment technology. In addition, participants showed great interests on SafBon’s core products and the complete water treatment solutions.

At the conference, the main theme is about SafBon’s technical products - ItN CFM and KWI DAF. When it comes to ItN CFM, it applies the most advanced Nano coated technology in this world with the advantages of excellent hydrophilicity and pollution resistance; CFM, compared with organic polymer film, owns better membrane flux, longer longevity, greater acid and alkali resistance and less energy consumption.  ItN CFM is mainly applied in municipal water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment and CFM has its great performance on the water reuse project and water treatment with complicated pollutants, fluctuated water quality, high temperature and oily wastewater.

For KWI DAF, it provides 12 various products with different specifications for particular conditions. Compare with clarifiers and general dissolved air flotations, KWI DAF has great advantages of excellent gas dissolving effect, higher hydraulic load, smaller area, higher water quality and less construction cost. In paper industry, municipal water industry and petrochemical industry, KWI DAF has already been applied successfully.

SafBon received great reputation at this conference and improved its popularity in oil-gas filed and petrochemical industry. After the speech at the conference, industry experts visited SafBon’s exhibition booth and sought cooperation with SafBon.


Figure 2. Experts visited SafBon’s booth and sought cooperation opportunities

SafBon Gets into A Race for A Global Water Award
—— Vote for “Liupanshui Sponge City” project, vote for SafBon

We are proud to announce that the “Liupanshui Sponge City” project of Safbon is nominated for Water/Wastewater Project of the Year.Voting will open on 6th March 2017 to all eligible voting groups.

The ceremony held by GWI (Global Water Intelligence) will take place on the evening of 24th April 2017 at the beautiful Palacio de Ciebeles, Madrid, Spain.

For more details of the project, see more information below:

Liupanshui Sponge City, China    

What is it?
A pollution and stormwater management project covering a 23km stretch of the Shuicheng river in Liupanshui city in Western China, which has a population of around 5 million people.

Note: A“Sponge City” refers to a city where its urban underground water systemoperates like a sponge to absorb, store, leak and purify rainwater and releaseit for reuse when necessary.

Who is involved?

Shenzhen-listed project developer Shanghai Safbon Water Service has invested RMB1.7 billion ($250 million) and owns 100% of the project company. The owner of the project is the municipal government of Liupanshui.

What makes it special?

Since this pioneering project started in January 2015, the concept of the sponge city has swept across China, drawing billions of dollars of subsidy pledges from Beijing. Safbon installed a deepsewer below the river, pulling hazardous municipal and industrial wastewater downstream to a new 100,000m?/d treatment plant. Fourteen flap dams, a 15km retaining wall and two new artificial wetlands tackle flood risk, while simultaneously reducing dust and purifying water to allow wildlife to thrive.

Decades of industrial pollution development in the narrow Liupanshui valley had slashed the value of riverside real estate.Safbon's ambitious programme put water back at the heart of the city's cultural and economic life, returning a revenue source to the local government. The landscaped rainwater collection systems have transformed the aesthetic reputation of the city, which directed its July 2016 marathon along the new permeable riverside walkways.

A network of pumping stations and pipelines divert stormwater and secondary treated wastewater to replenish river flows in the dry season. Crucially, the reuse of up to 201 million m? of water every year will allow the city to defer capital investment in new water supply sources.

The Biggest Application of CFM in Seawater Desalination Project
According to the feasibility study review meeting for Xianren Island Seawater Desalination project, it is decided that Ceramic Flat Membrane (CFM) filtration process would be used as the pretreatment for RO.

The production capacity of this project is 400,000 t/d. It will be divided into three phases (1st phase: 100,000 t/d, 2nd phase: 150,000 t/d, 3rd phase: 150,000 t/d). 

This project will be built by Safbon Water Service (Holding) Inc., Shanghai and Yingkou Longyun Oceanology & Exploiture Co., Ltd. The treatment capacity of the first phase is 220,000 t/d. This project will be so far the biggest seawater desalination project in which CFM will be applied.


The material of CFM is different from polymer membrane. It’s highly resistant against organic pollutants and oxidation. The lifetime and flux of CFM is 3-5 times and 2-10 times of polymer membrane, respectively. The chemical consumption and operational cost needed is 50% less. The working temperature is from 5-60 ℃. This is a big advantage compared with the polymer membrane which breaks down under low or high temperature. In addition, CFM is oxidation-resistant ,which means it can handle chemical cleaning or other strong oxidants.


How to use the CFM in a large scale seawater desalination project? 

The chairman of Safbon, Hilling Chang, and his team have thought about this innovative and creative idea for a long time. A pioneer has to have a strategic vision and an overall perspective and may have to pay a price. 

Fortunately, ItN has already had two big reference projects in Saudi Arabia. Both projects are deep groundwater treatment projects. One is 100,000 t/d and the other is 150,000 t/d. But do these two high-quality projects really have high economic value? This question has troubled the Safbon management team. To solve this question, Safbon has cooperated with a world-leading finance company, PWC, in a big seawater desalination project. By analyzing numerous financial models, it has been  found that CFM is more advantageous than polymer membrane (assuming the operational period is 25 years). Therefore, the application of CFM in seawater desalination is more economically favorable.

The cooperation with one of the four world-wide top consulting companies has answered the question persisted with Safbon engineers. The innovation of Safbon is not only the technical research and development, management innovation, but also the win-win cooperation model with the others. This result is very valuable for the application of CFM.

“A big project, driven by a big team and then the development of an industrial chain is promoted”. This will be the trend for Safbon’s development in the future.