SafBon shall strive to achieve excellence and become the global experts in water and environmental treatment industry while improving the environment for everyone.

SafBon shall strive to achieve excellence and become the global experts in water and environmental treatment industry while improving the environment for everyone.

With the support of dedicated team and management direction, this shall be achieved by:

“Continuously improving our products, service offerings and achieving the highest quality standards through innovation, strengthening our expertise and upgrading of design and manufacturing capabilities”

“Enhancing the range of technical offerings to our clients allowing them to have the most suitable techno-economical integrated solution, ensuring their environmental treatment needs are met and providing total satisfaction”

Hilling Zhang’s Corporate Speech:

A great company originates from a great vision For SafBon, this forward thinking vision and dream includes environmental protection, When Qingpu, the origin of Songze culture, was still an open sea 6000 years ago,our ancestors began to fish, grow crops and thrive in the green outdoors and through innovation. 

Descendants of Qingpu, generations after generations, worked hard and tried their best to create their own brilliant history while relying on the environment and their land.

It is on this land, filled with hope, SafBon with its people and their uniform vision , will always stand at the frontier of Chinese environmental protection and water service fields. 

Their dreams synchronize with the development of the state. Environmental protection, green technology, innovation and love for the outdoors are in the  DNAof SafBon and its people. 

Our mission is to become to become the top experts in water industry, whose ultimate goal is to improve and maintain  our environment. We continue to use the tenacious spirit of outdoor exploration to grow. We firmly believe that only with hard work, are we able to reach greater heights. We are willing to devote ourselves to innovation and improvement. The current world-wide problem of water pollution has increasingly affected the living environment of people all over the globe and has also motivated and touched the hearts of SafBon people to do good for the environment .

Based on the customers’ requirements, engineers of SafBon will investigate the current status of local water supplies by visiting related companies, schools and residents. With the help of firsthand data, SafBon can is able to deliver an integrated innovative technical solution to help the local water supply systems. Shangdong Dongying Central Urban Area Dual Supply Project is the first urban area potable water project in China, which utilizes advanced nano-filtration technology.

The project utilizes treatment processes developed by SafBon.The treated water is potable and meets all the 106 water quality requirements. Residents can have access to pure water by simply turning on the faucets at homes. Schools, hospitals, govemments, large enterprises and residential communites have all benefited.

Hebei Cangzhou Bohai New District 100,000t/d Seawater Desalination Project  delivers world class innovation and technology to the green Bohai Sea, turning seawater into fresh water. This addresses the the fresh water problem for local companies and residents. 

Shijiazhuang 100,000t/d Sewage Treatment Plant Project effectively reliefs the operation of Qiaodong Sewage Treatment Plant. It iscrucial for the improvement of city water eco-system in Shijiazhang.Penglai Hazardous Waste Disposal Project and demonstrates sludge treatment on a national wide level.

The thin film sludge drying technology developed by SafBon is  complete sludge comprehensive treatment and utilization system. This technology deliversa new way for effectively managing and utilizing sludge Shanghai.

Guizhou Liupanshui River Eco-system Development Project is a model sponge city construction. It is leading the industry in river treatment and environmental protection. It replicates the harmonous relationship between a city and its river systems. It is a model project of harmonious ecological management between human beings and nature. Consistency in SafBon is the key to achieving such success in all these projects. Success depends on details. Every individual has a recognizable impact and in SafBon, we recognize that diligence and attention to detail is the key to being successful.

Thus, attention to details are essential in all of our work! ISO management system allows for records of all the processes and projects to be recorded .

We always follow the principles that “There are rules for everything”, “Everyone and everything has to follow the rules”, “There are documents and records for everything”, and “Every person and everything has supervision”  It is through these guidelines and a sense of responsibility which has pushed and will continue to motivate SafBon Water Service Co to achieve its dream and vision of becoming the future global leader in water treatment and environmental management.

SafBon Water Service Co Ltd will utilize light-asset strategy which relies on thethe power of capital markets to move the entire water service market. Being revolutionary is our differentiating advantage and is necessary under the current rapid economic development.. During this time,, we are taking on greater responsibilities and improving and increasingthe scope of our core business.. 

We will seize opportunities to explore and expand our scope of services and capabilitiesand go further within the water service industry. 

We strongly believe that success depends on details. Only through the focusing of details by the company’s management improving quality of the junior employees, are we able to exert our strength and advantages. 

We have 75 national patents and 38 authorizations We have undertaken more than 500 water service projects during our 20 years development. Today,SafBon’s main business scope has covers four main sectors. They are are municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, solid waste treatment and gas regulator stations. We can provide full services ranging from technology research and development, systems engineering, integration, installation and commissioning under the models of EPC, BOT etc for electric power, petrochemical, municipal and other industrial fields. 

It is the technology and products that improve the environment. Thanks to the endeavors of our team ,SafBon ranks top 3in technology innovation among Chinese listed environmental protection and water service companies. “Think globally, act locally” has become SafBon’s working mantra. When SafBon moves to a broader platform of development, we need to cultivate and broaden the vision and mind of the company’s top leaders. 

Whether a project is profitable or successful, largely depends on personal endeavours, vision, mind and cultivation of the top leaders.  

The world's most advanced environmental technologies has been introduced to SafBon through a series of mergers and acquisitions of European and American enterprises and to complete the company's environmental value  chain. To date, SafBon acquired  KWI International Environmental Treatment GmbH, ItN Nanovation AG and America Engineering Water Services Co., Ltd. SafBon is also the second largest shareholder of AquaSwiss AG. These innovative and leading enterprises bring products, technology, management talents and market channels to SafBon. The synergies and growth  in terms of intellectual property and patent for SafBon will gradually materialize in the coming five to ten years. In order to realize our internationalization plans, we have established a European headquarters and SafBon Dubai company.

An aspiring globalization strategy and localization action plan has been forming in various levels of SafBon. If the past 22 years’ entrepreneurship is considered as a period of extensive growing, the next 20 years will be taken asthe beginning of the second venture of globalization. We are a provider of environmental technology and products. We are a construction company as well as a developer of projects. We are also a water company for the operation and maintenance of environmental projects.. Concurrently,  the company will strengthen our position in the seawater desalination market, new water utilization, Zero Liquid Discharge, Seawater desulfurization and denitrification, and other important environmental fields to develop our brand name, grow the company and be recognized as a global brand for water and the environment. 

SafBon will continue to make a greater contribution to the society with our growing social responsibilities. We are committed to protecting water resources. Recovering the urban water environment and the related eco-system, developing sponge city, and achieving potable tap-water all make it possible for us to enjoy the mountains, the clean water and the memory  of our hometowns. 

We sincerely hope that each individual can thrive with a great environment and clean water their life!