Business Models & Main Capabilities

Municipal Wastewater and Water Treatment

  · Municipal water supply, pipeline and pump station including sedimentation, clarification and filtration system.

   · Municipal sewage treatment and pipeline including BIOSAF, AB/A2O, SBR, MBR and other processes.

   · Potable water treatment system with micro-pollutant treatment technology and precoat treatment technology.

   · Groundwater treatment for Municipalities including arsenic and radium removal

   · Central city dual water supply system: Drinking water system.

   · Municipal reclaimed water treatment system, including lime treatment, biological aerated filter (BAF), membrane bio-reactor (MBR)

   · Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems

   · Ceramic Flat Membranes (CFM)

Industrial Wastewater and Water Treatment

  · Seawater desalination integrated systems including pre-treatment, ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO) processes, etc.

   · Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technologies, including evaporation and crystallization technologies.

   · Boiler makeup water treatment system with mechanical filter, RO and ion exchange resin bed

   · Condensate polishing system, including powdered resin filtration and deep mix bed treatment

   · Reclaimed water advanced treatment system, including lime treatment, BAF, MBR

   · Advanced oily water treatment system.

   · DAF Systems

   · CFM 

Solid Waste Treatment

   · Thin film sludge dryer

   · Technology of sludge drying combined with power generation 

   · Household waste treatment

   · Hazardous waste treatment and management

Gas Regulator

   · Natural gas regulator station and pipeline for city

   · Smarter energy- combined cooling, heating and power systems (CCHP)

   · Natural gas (NG) regulation station

   · Compressed natural gas / liquefied natural gas (CNG /LNG) filling stations

   · Liquefied natural gas (LNG) gasification station

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Technology

   · Seawater flue gas desulfrization (SWFGD) technology

Civil construction

   · Jiangsu SafBon Construction Engineering Co.Ltd. with Chinese Grade A Qualification for Municipal Construction.